The Information You Need

Hilltop’s Health Access provides unbiased and in-person information on all the health plan options available

The Affordable Care Act is intended to make sweeping changes to health care in the United States. The core of the Affordable Care act is the “individual mandate” which requires everyone to have health insurance beginning January 1, 2014. The individual mandate is intended as a way to allow for universal health care coverage while keeping the cost of that care affordable. Under the individual mandate, everyone must have health insurance on their own, through their work place, a state-run marketplace or from a government program. Anyone without coverage will have to pay a penalty (fee).

Health Care Coverage

Hilltop’s Health Access was established to provide unbiased information and in person assistance for all the health plan options available under the Affordable Care Act. Hilltop’s Health Access has two staffed offices in Grand Junction and Gunnison Colorado. Our trained staff is available to help you access the health plan that fits your needs and avoid penalties. We provide information on all available plans, help you complete the application, qualify for tax credits, and can even qualify you for government programs like Medicaid and CHP+. There is no charge for our services and there are health plan options offering financial assistance for those who qualify.